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Opals aim for 3 in a row at Ballarat

July 31, 2015
The Opals are hoping to win three in a row when they take on Japan at the Ballarat Minerdome from 7pm tonight. The Aussie women scored a 84-64 victory in Frankston on Wednesday. Coach Brendan Joyce…
boot camp cover

Journo Boot Camp

So our Journo Mark is leaving and going to TV in Wagga. So Jules and Ross decided to put…
mark santo

Mark's Wagga News Test

So our news guy, Mark, is leaving to be a TV journo in Wagga... so we got a Wagga news…

Early Summer For Jules

Jules is leaving winter in Ballarat to go to summer on the other side of the world...…

Pop Poetry

Jules and Ross found it interesting that some of the most popular songs often have the…

VIDEO: Samantha Jade "Shake…

Our very own OzMade superstar Samantha Jade teams up with Pitbull for her latest tune…

Lee Kernaghan - OzMade Legend

Lee Kernaghan is part of another great line-up at Deni Ute Muster this October. Before…
Kid unimpressed

Best Pregnancy Announcement

Parody songs are great. Creative pregnancy announcement are also great. So when you get…

Goosebumps - THE MOVIE

Who read the Goosebumps series of books as a kid? I did. AND I loved them, and I love…
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‘Are we there yet?’ How to annoy Google Maps

For those road tripping this weekend, you may have had the kids nagging with the usual question, “are we there yet?” Well apparently this phrase can even annoy technology. The guy below explains how Google Maps reacts to being asked ‘are we there yet?’… read more >

Watch as adorable toddler explains what chickens are

On a visit to an animal farm, this little girl’s mum starts recording her experiences. And when they get to the chicken enclosure, the toddler had a hilarious explanation for what a chicken is. This will make you giggle… read more >

Creep Alert: Lionel Richie's Hello without music

Remove the music from Lionel Richie’s video for his hit, Hello, and this is what you are left with. A creepy guy stalking a poor girl. In this creation from Mario Wienerroither, he has removed the music and replaced it with sound effects. It's creepy, but… read more >

Whoops! Baby’s accidental spray tan goes viral

A UK mother has shared her ‘parenting fail’ when she breastfed her baby son too soon after getting a spray tan. Gemma Colley uploaded the image to Facebook which was liked more than 100,000 times in just nine hours. The boy’s nose, cheeks and chin were… read more >

Watch the incredible moment 1000 rockers perform Learn to Fly

How do you get your favourite band to play in your city? You get 1000 musicians together to play one of their hit songs. A Foo Fighters fan from Cesena, Italy, rallied 1000 musicians to perform Learn to Fly in sync. And it is absolutely incredible! “This is… read more >

Second shark scare for Mick Fanning

Australian surfer Mick Fanning has experienced another shark scare during his first surf back at home after last week’s incident in South Africa. The pro surfer made international headlines after a shark started to attack his board during a surfing… read more >

The pied piper of traffic jams

Traffic jams can be a headache at the best of times. But one mysterious musician in the US decided it was a chance to entertain other drivers. While sitting behind the wheel, he began to play his recorder and was captured on video by another driver. The song… read more >

Is it a teddy bear? Tonkey the shar-pei a viral hit

Meet Tonkey. Cue the ‘Awwwwwwww’. This gorgeous bear-coat shar-pei pooch, which looks just like a stuffed teddy bear, is making waves on the internet because it’s so darn adorable. Bath time! ... Pictures supplied by Instagram @bearcoat_tonkey The four-month… read more >

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