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Young girl, grandfather missing from Ballarat

January 29, 2015
Fears are growing for a 15-month old girl and her grand-father, who've gone missing from Ballarat. Tim Lane was last seen in Ballarat on Friday, 23 January when he picked up his 15-month-old grand…

The Western Bulldogs Are…

The Western Bulldogs are the new AFL club associated with us here in Ballarat. So Jules…
Ross the Cheerleader edit

Ross the Cheerleader

Jules and Ross chatted to Emily from the Ballarat Miners Cheerleading squad. They're on…
Water 4

The Floating Tree

Jules and Ross were chatting one day about how Geelong spent $1million on a floating…
Katy Perry UNICEF 2012

Katy Perry and the Aussie…

Katy Perry loves Australia, but apparently she doesn't love our paparazzi. She wrote a…
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Video: Hozier 'Take Me To Church'

Check out the video for Irish born Andrew Hozier-Byrne's massive hit 'Take Me To Church' - it certainly changed the way I interpreted the song! read more >

Maroon5: Wedding Crashers

I'm a huge fan of this new one from Maroon 5... and the fact they actually crashed weddings and surprised the bride and groom (and all of their guests) makes for a fanstastic video too! read more >

Internet Security - Kimmel shows how safe we are

The classic test of how well protected your internet password is - let Jimmy Kimmel ask you what it is, and answer to a recording camera - this is hilarious! read more >

Didn't think Uptown Funk could get any better? WRONG!

If you didn't think Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars' Uptown Funk could get any better, I think this live performance on Ellen might change your mind! I'm definitely lovin' Bruno Mars a little more after seeing this! read more >
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records ccc37

Old fashioned vinyl is setting new records

We might be in the middle of a digital revolution but it looks like someone forgot to tell the music industry. From online streaming to digital radio, the way people consume music has been changing rapidly for more than 10 years but fans of good old… read more >
fantastic5 fd3c6

First look at new Fantastic 4 re-boot

There's no stopping the Marvel movie juggernaut, not even apparent failures. The inspiration behind blockbusters like The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, the comic book powerhouse that gave the world everyone from Star Lord to Wolverine has had its… read more >
beerbunny d1725

Rabbit fetches beer for its human

This is Wallace and he collects beer for his master. Reddit user Wallacemktold the world about his delivery bunny and his efforts to make him hop to it whenever thirst strikes about a month ago. Now the word is starting to get out Wallace the Wonder… read more >
wheeloffortune 16268

Everyone fails at Wheel of Fortune

How hard is this, really? Harder than we thought apparently. This panel of contestants on the US version of Wheel of Fortune struggled when it came time to solve this head scratcher... Then they struggled again... And again... And again... Apparently… read more >
bigbash 50e85

Jordan Silk’s incredible catch

Jordan Smith fielded this unbelievable catch during last nights T20 Big Bash match at the SCG, where he helped the Sydney Sixers smash the Thunder. read more >
eugeniebouchard 8cc6f

Aussie tennis commentators accused of sexism

Classy work, guys. A sexism scandal is surrounding the Australian Open after an interviewer's clumsy exchange with a visiting female star. Channel 7's Australian Open commentary team is coping heat from all corners of the globe after an unfortunate… read more >
kittens 614c3

Exploding Kitten card game makes Internet explode

For those who may not have heard of Kickstarter, it is a global crowd funding initiative for new and creative innovations and products, and recently there has been one particular project that has received a massive amount of support. Exploding Kittens is… read more >
chan 32898

Bali Nine drug smuggler Andrew Chan writes letter to 15-year-old self

“Dear Me, when you are older you will be in a Bali prison and you will be executed. This happened to you because you thought taking drugs was cool. Your drug taking made you think that it was OK to import drugs and make money from this. Your family and… read more >

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The Noise






See Masketta Fall in Your Classroom!

Masketta Fall hail from Melbourne's West, and with an iTunes Top30 hit on their hands,…