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NOT stopping all stations ...

September 04, 2015
V-Line passengers trains will run today, despite industrial action grounding the metro service. Country trains from Ballarat to Melbourne will operate, but the only city station they'll stop at is…

Friday Fun Fact Sep 4

It's back after a couple of weeks without Ross. And this one will make you hungry and…

Email Not Voicemail

So you'd think if you're looking to score a date then a voicemail message would be better…

Road Rage

Road Rage is a serious thing. But what if we could read the mids of the people involved?…

Health Tip* from Jules

* So Jules has some health advice... But please be aware that she is not a trained Dr,…

Ballarat's BIGGEST Short Stack fan

Short Stack are back, with a new album, "Homecoming", and a massive national tour coming…
wil and steve edited

Will and Steve the Gourmet Pommies

Sam caught up with WIlland Steve the Gourmet Pommies, and winners of My Kitchen Rules…

Crazy footage of China explosion

*Language Warning A lot of footage is emerging of the insane explosion in the northern…
winter is coming reedited

5 signs you don't handle winter well

5 Signs You Don’t Handle Winter Well 1. Receiving a bill is so much more painful! How…
me in dresses

I may be going to lose a bet!

An artistic rendering of Sam as a set of bridesmaids in dresses Sometimes I will make big…
cecil edited

Former disney animator makes touching tribute

So now Disney are tugging at our heartstrings without even making a goddamn movie!!After…
Think of the children

5 signs you may not be parent material

1. Children are the furthest thing from your mind 2. You refuse to accept children are…
deadpool full

Deadpool Teaser Trailer is...AMAZING!

I will be the first person to mock short trailers that tease upcoming trailers, but the…
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Kids ingenious idea to ensure he can throw a house party

Fellow mischievous teens are praising this guy for his ‘clever’ way of handling this situation. And FYI parents out there, you’ll learn a thing or two as well. Teen Brendan reprogrammed both of his parents phone so that when they typed the word ‘no’ it… read more >

Viral video proves you’re more successful than you realise

Watch what happens when people rate their own success and then are rated by a loved one. Social news organisation A Plus released a video this week which we think everyone will relate to in some way. And it’s a little bit emotional… A Plus producer Jordan… read more >

Steggles slammed for ‘sexist’ Father’s Day ad

Australian chicken company Steggles has made a slight social media blunder with their latest campaign. While trying to create a sarcastic ad for Father’s Day, the campaign has received the opposite reaction, with many labelling the ad as sexist and offensive… read more >

Mother and son receive social media support for childcare’s stance on Queen Elsa costume

Support is flooding in on social media for a Sydney mother who was ridiculed for allowing her son to wear a Queen Elsa costume to daycare. Staff at the daycare told the mother her two-year-old son would be teased if she allowed him to wear a dress from the… read more >

NSW mother to set up anti-vax childcare centre

A Northern Rivers mother has responded to the government’s ‘no jab, no play’ policy by wanting to start up a childcare centre for children who are unvaccinated. Juanita ‘Wanda’ Halden said The No Vacc Childcare Centre project would commence in 2016. “I have… read more >

Feel Good Friday: This bubbly baby and pooch will give you the giggles

This simple video is bound to give you good feels. A mother began to blow bubbles to entertain her daughter, Molly, but it wasn’t the bubbles that caught the bub’s attention. It was Bennie the dog trying to eat the bubbles that cracked Molly up. Listen to… read more >

Justin Bieber announces Australian visit

Canadian popstar Justin Bieber is heading back to Australia this month to support the release of his brand new single, What Do You Mean. Bieber announced the news today and will visit Melbourne and Sydney during September 27-30. Good news. In September I'm… read more >

Here's the real meaning of the Macarena, but you may not want to dance to it anymore

If you were around in the ‘90s you would have heard this song at EVERY social event imaginable. School discos, weddings, parties ... anything! With its signature dance moves, the Macarena was a hit around the world and is still busted out at parties now. But,… read more >

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