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October 17, 2014
In mass confusion, Ballarat's unemployment has yet again pinned our pollies against each other State Treasurer Michael O'Brien has praised the latest stats, showing a 3,000 job boost to regional…

Josh Pyke on the Brekky Show

He is one of Australia's best singer/songwriters and he's heading to Ballarat on November…
Some Blonde DJ

Some Blonde DJ

The Ballarat Cup is almost here. The good news is that the Vodka Cruiser…

Aussie Street Fight

I remember telling a guy in America that we rode Kangaroos to school... and he believed…
Karl and Susan Neighbours

Dr Karl chats to Jules and…

Neighbours is an Australian institution... Loved by people right across the world,…
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Ed Sheeran - Thinking out Loud [video]

Another awesome video from Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud. Tickets on sale for his 2015 Australian tour now! read more >

Liam Neeson will find you...

In the latest installment the tables have turned, and the new trailer for 'Taken 3' has the world talking! Looking forward to checking this one out at The Regent next January! read more >
Taylor Swift crop

Taylor Swift's Twin

Taylor swift has found her twin. We've all got one. Someone who looks earily similar to us... And for Taylor Swift, her twin seems to be Swedish DJ Avicii. And she posted this picture to prove it... It's pretty uncanny. Taylor Swift was convinced."Just saw… read more >

Emma Watson's UN Speech

Apparently, she's not just 'that girl' from Harry Potter anymore! Here's Emma Watson's address to the UN about the 'HeForShe' initiative and her view of gender equality! read more >
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weatherdog aa530

Weather forecasts go to the dogs

Whoever thought it was a good idea to bring a dog onto the weather segment had obviously never met Ripple. The old saying about working with children and animals came true in a big way fro American weatherman Mike Sobel over the weekend when he brought a… read more >
burqa c8a25

Parliament drops plans for burqa ban

A plan to ban women wearing burqas from Parliament House's public gallery in Canberra has been dropped after a huge public backlash. The ban was put forward by Speaker Bronwyn Bishop about two weeks ago, meaning Muslim women who chose to wear the… read more >
lice 13b2f

Your stomach will turn when you realise what this is

This is what a severe case of head lice looks like. The shocking video is enough to make your scalp crawl but it must have been even worse for the poor little girl who had to live through it. The video first emerged several months ago but could broad… read more >
magickid f9069

Incredible magic skills have made this kid an internet star

This kid has some serious skills. Moritz Mueller uploaded this video of his magic routine last month but it has become viral in over the past week after it was shared on social news website Reddit. Mortiz's magic has been receiving rave reviews from… read more >

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Oz Made






Funny Fruit

We've all seen some funny fruit before - carrots cuddling, love heart tomatoes, or just a…