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August 20, 2014
A man has been airlifted to the Alfred Hospital following a car rollover just south of Avoca. Police say the man in his 30's has suffered possible spinal injuries, after losing control of his car…
TheRecruit Voss Fitzy

Fitzy Chats to Jules and Ross

He was a contestant on Big Borther and can be heard every weeknight at 6pm on Power...…

Jules... is "Pillowing" a…

The english language is an interseting one... there's so many words that Ross has never…
Schwass Wayne

Swatta August 15

Jules and Ross chatted to the resident AFL tipper/expert again and asked him about the…

Bieber the Bear Whisperer

Jules found out that Justin Bieber helped save a Russian an from being attacked by a…
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pool 5333d

This has to be the greatest backyard pool ever

What can we even say about this pool? It's amazing, it's incredible, we want one. We want one so much that we'd happily forsake our families if we just got to jump off that waterfall one time. read more >
singer a0653

How does this man sound so much like Alanis Morissette?

How is this even possible? This singer's cover of Alanis Morissette's Thank You isn't half bad. What is amazing though is the singer's name is Mark Mikina, he's most definitely a man and his voice sounds almost identical to the original. read more >
jesseandwalt 4cf95

Walt and Jesse are back in business

Breaking Bad stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston have got the band back together, teaming up with Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus for this bit of fun. It's called Barely Legal Pawn and it's a long way from Breaking Bad or Seinfeld. read more >
concert 0328d

Soundwave 2015 lineup revealed

Faith No More and Slipknot will headline Soundwave Festivals around the country, according to today‚Äôs long away line up announcement. Metal legends Judas Priest, grunge pioneers Soundgarden and 90s metal stars Fear Factory and Papa Roach with join Incubus ,… read more >
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Michael Jackson

it's been how long?

Hard to believe isn't it? It's been 5 years, June 25 2009, when we woke to the news that the King of pop was dead. But he hasn't really gone anywhere. We are about to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of his 'Bad' album, there's documentaries about to hit the… read more >
Jusitn Bieber

Bieber in bingle

JUSTIN BIEBERhas been in a car accident, but he is ok. The story goes that he was a passenger in an SUV being chased by papparazo, when it crashed into a black BMW. Bieber walked away (literally) but he won't get in too much trouble, because he was only a… read more >
Stafford Brothers

The Stafford Brothers are back

Hold onto your hats, the STAFFORD BROTHERSare set to go with another smash single! They have teamed up withEVA SIMONS,who you'd know from 'This Is Love' with Will.I.Am & T.I.(lots of songs... let's see, um, Blurred Lines? Got it?) The single is called 'This… read more >

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Power Brekkie with Jules and Ross

Mostly Cloudy



Mostly Cloudy

Great Moscow Circus

Want to take the family to opening night of the Great Moscow Circus in Ballarat on…