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August 01, 2014
IMAGE SOURCE: Sydney Morning Herald Over in Glasgow, Ballarat lawn bowler Matthew Flapper will again square off for a bronze medal after losing in the semi-finals this morning. The skipper and fellow…
Schwass Wayne

Jules Says Swatta's a Liar

We chatted to Swatta about Melbourne signing on Roosy for a few more years... and he…

Didier Cohen

He's a good looking man and been in the modelling game for a while now. So of course he…

Aussie Quidditch Team

If you've heard of Harry Potter you've porbably heard of the sport Quidditch. It's a…

Friday Fun Fact

Well it's back again and Ross thinks this Friday Fun Fact will inspire you look at your…
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Michael Jackson

it's been how long?

Hard to believe isn't it? It's been 5 years, June 25 2009, when we woke to the news that the King of pop was dead. But he hasn't really gone anywhere. We are about to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of his 'Bad' album, there's documentaries about to hit the… read more >
Jusitn Bieber

Bieber in bingle

JUSTIN BIEBERhas been in a car accident, but he is ok. The story goes that he was a passenger in an SUV being chased by papparazo, when it crashed into a black BMW. Bieber walked away (literally) but he won't get in too much trouble, because he was only a… read more >
Stafford Brothers

The Stafford Brothers are back

Hold onto your hats, the STAFFORD BROTHERSare set to go with another smash single! They have teamed up withEVA SIMONS,who you'd know from 'This Is Love' with Will.I.Am & T.I.(lots of songs... let's see, um, Blurred Lines? Got it?) The single is called 'This… read more >
Ed Sheeran

Ed gets creative!

'X' isn't the most creative title for an album, I'm sure you'd agree. But that's whatED SHEERANwent with. He's making up for it though with a TV ad set to air in the UK. It allows viewers to vote on which song from his album 'X' they want him to perform in… read more >


Partly Cloudy



Partly Cloudy

Taylor Henderson at The Regent

To celebrate Taylor Henderson's return to The Regent in Ballarat on August 15, and the…