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Ballarat Magistrates

Maryborough man charged over Ballarat car-jacking

March 02, 2015
A Maryborough man will face court this morning, charged over an horrific car jacking in Ballarat. Jason MacDonald is accused of bashing a driver at Wendouree, before stealing his car, and abandoning…

New Baby Names List

The art of picking your babies name can be a tough one. And each year we see lists of the…

Neighbours Win an OSCAR

Ross loves Neighbours (the TV show) and is always telling Jules how good it is... She…

White Night Ballarat?

White Night Melbourne was a huge success again this year. And Robert Doyle, the Mayor of…

Chinese New Year Fun Fact

It's Chinese New Year... and so Ross decided the Firday Fun Fact (which is starting to…
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THIS is awesome!

Nominated for Best Original Song at this year's Oscars, Tegan and Sara hit the stage with The Lonely Island to perform this, well, awesome, version of "Everything Is Awesome" read more >

Tech Magician

Many of us have had to adapt our skill sets to make sure we're completely tech-literate - who'd have thought magicians would have to do the same? German magician Simon Pierro has adapted his magic to incorporate an iPad - and it's very impressive! Check it… read more >

Mockingjay Pt1 - Lost scene with Peeta in The Capitol

We've got a while to wait for the last installment of The Hunger Games movies, so here's something you might want to watch if you're a fan! I'm sure a lot gets cut out of the final release of the film, but this scene showing what happened to Peeta when he was… read more >

McBusted on The Homerun

When Busted and McFly decided to join forces, they never thought they'd be on the road for so long! With their debut album out in Australia now, and a spot supporting One Direction on their national tour, McBusted have announced a headling gig at The Palais… read more >
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carbon 4e6a2

Carbon dioxide a direct cause of global warming

If you are currently enjoying our wonderful planet’s atmosphere (which there is no doubt about it, you are) then it’s time to sit up and take note – this applies to you. We’ve all heard the folks in white coats mention the words “global warming” with… read more >
dressgate f6b2c

It's over. #dressgate is officially solved

If you're anything like us, a lot of the weekend's conversation has resolved around that silly blue and black (or is it white and gold?) dress. It's been a solid three days since #dressgate broke but now we can finally put it to rest. If you've been… read more >
dress c4384

Humanity struggles to decide on colour of dress

We’ve put a man on the moon and yet humanity is this afternoon, struggling to comprehend the colour of this one, ordinary dress. Regardless of whether you are seeing black and blue or white and gold, I think the real issue here is that somewhere along… read more >
llama aabee

Illusive llama uses ninja instincts to avoid cops

Never before has their been a rogue outlaw such as this. Authorities in Sun City, Arizona this morning faced a battle against a domesticated camelid, which went on for close to half-an-hour, in an extreme chase on foot. Onlookers are now referring to it… read more >
elsa 79ee0

Elsa is back, and we've got the video

Ask any kid in the world who the coolest character around is and you will only hear one answer - Elsa. And now a new trailer for an upcoming short feature starring the lady herself is here. Never a group to miss a trick, Disney know the world can't get… read more >
carrot 53bf3

This man cuts carrots like a god

Here's another one from the "we bet you can't do this" file. If you ever thought cutting up the carrots was a chore you were wrong. It turns out the cutting up of carrots is an artform.It definitely is when the knife is in this guy's hands, at… read more >
ahs 7d3bf

Lady Gaga lands role on American Horror Story

Lady Gaga’s Oscar performance this week has been topped by the announcement that the ‘Born This Way’ singer has secured a role in the fifth season of television show American Horror Story. Not much has been revealed about the latest season, aside from it… read more >

Is your name sexy?

Move aisde Tom, Dick and Harry. Same to you Sally, Jenny and Emma. The sexiest names have been picked and chances are that your name isn't one of them! The crazyBaby Name Wizardwebsite has named it's list of the 20 sexiest names and there are some real… read more >

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Oz Made






Name That Bar

Ballarat’s newest bar needs a name, and we’re asking for your help to come up with a…