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Arson attack hits old Damascus College

July 01, 2015
Ballarat's old, abandoned Damascus College site in Ballarat East has been targeted by arsonists. Fire fighters rushed to the Victoria Street blaze just after one o'clock on Wednesday morning and…
zuckerberg rainbow

Facebook Rainbow Pic

So over 20 million people have changed their Facebook profile pic to the rainbow one in…
spearmint leaves

Lolly Crisis

So Ballarat peeps got a little hectic this morning when the lolly crisis news broke. Will…
fun fact meme

Friday Fun Fact June 26

Ross' Friday Fun Fact is growing in popularity every week. And this week he blew peoples…
police lights

Jules' Speeding Fine Excuse

So Jules has had one speeding fine in her life... and she blames a celebrity for it. But…

My OzCut - Paulini

We were first introduced to Paulini on Australian Idol in 2003. Since then, she's…

OzMade Legends - Jebediah

Jebediah are celebrating 20 years, with a compilation album "Twenty" (out now) and what…

Ed Sheeran sings Heavy Metal…

This is quite hilarious - even if you're a fan of the original Heavy Metal versions of Ed…

Game of Thrones, the musical.

Anyone who has seen an episode of Game of Thrones, might think "it doesn't quite…
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Watch as Zebra sings for his supper

A hungry zebra was on the hunt for a snack at a safari park in Texas. The striped animal wandered up to a vehicle and like a busker, sang for his treats. Listen to the lungs on this one! What a crack up. read more >

Were they aliens? NASA cuts live feed

Conspiracy theorists are up in arms, believing NASA is trying to hide the fact aliens exist. This debate was sparked after a live feed showed three UFO’s leaving the earth’s atmosphere, but the feed was suddenly cut off by NASA. "I just adore how they [NASA]… read more >

Watch as Freddie Mercury reacts to Kanye’s cover of Bohemian Rhapsody

The American rapper headlined the Glastonbury stage over the weekend and performed a short cover of Queen’s hit, Bohemian Rhapsody. And West, who once again dubbed himself the world’s ‘greatest living rockstar’ absolutely murdered it. He didn't even know the… read more >

Riot breaks out in Melbourne prison

Prisoners have gone on a rampage and staff have been evacuated following a riot today at Melbourne’s Metropolitan Remand Centre in Ravenhall. The riot is believed to be a result of a statewide prison smoking ban which will be enforced as of tomorrow - July 1.… read more >

Has your favourite sweet treat been scrapped by Allen’s Lollies?

Australia’s largest lolly producer has announced it has axed lollies from its brand, while other items will be downsized. Spearmint Leaves and Green Frogs have been recently scrapped by the company and Killer Pythons will shrink in size. An Allen’s spokesman… read more >

Avril Lavigne’s emotional interview about her battle with Lyme disease

The Canadian singer broke down in tears during a recent interview, explaining her diagnosis with Lyme disease. "I was in Los Angeles, and it was literally the worst time of my life," Lavigne, 30, said. "I was seeing every specialist, and literally like the… read more >

Facebook’s Celebrate Pride picture tool could be a test, critics believe

Were you one of many who gave your profile picture a rainbow filter? Whether or not, we’re sure your Facebook feed has been looking a little more colourful in recent days. The trend began after the US Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage legal and Facebook… read more >

Grease whitening! #TakeASongToTheDentist goes viral

Who comes up with this stuff?! Another crazy trend to hit social media in recent days is #TakeASongToTheDentist. Basically, users on Twitter are grabbing a dentistry pun and turning it into a well known song. And some of the results are really quite witty!… read more >

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