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Ballarat ambulance


September 02, 2014
A woman aged in her 50's has been rushed to the Bendigo Base hospital after slamming into a pole at Castlemaine this morning Emergency crews were called to Johnstone Street just before 7 o'clock,…

Jules & Ross take the…

Jules and Ross from the Brekkie Show got drenched on Lydiard St - all part of raising…

Tom Ballard... Host of the…

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes ona reality TV show? Well now there's a TV…
TheRecruit Voss Fitzy

Fitzy Chats to Jules and Ross

He was a contestant on Big Borther and can be heard every weeknight at 6pm on Power...…

Jules... is "Pillowing" a…

The english language is an interseting one... there's so many words that Ross has never…
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demons c5a02

Mad Monday lands Demon's in hot water

Mad Monday antics have landed a couple of AFL footy players in hot water, after they made some distasteful costume decisions. Melbourne players Dean Terlich and Alex Georgiou chose Rolf Harris and a little girl as costumes. The decision hasn’t gone down well,… read more >
jolie 2b82a

Angelina's wedding dress revealed

It was Brad and Ange's six children who contributed to the wedding planning for the star couple's highly anticipated nuptials. The ceremony on August 23, saw Jolie walk the isle in a unique wedding gown decorated with her children's artwork. The wedding was… read more >
applepeel 720c3

How to peel apples like a man

Sometimes there's a man who is not content to sit idly by while the world throws its slings and arrows towards him. Sometimes there's a man who stands up and loudly declares, "No, there is a better way." Sometime's there's a man who takes a stand for all of… read more >
sheeran 836d5

Ed Sheeran & Tom Jones to perform at AFL Grand Final

The smooth vocals and acoustics of British singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran are what we all have to look forward to in a couple of weeks when the sporting event of the year, the AFL Grand Final takes place. Joining Sheeran will be legendary Welsh rock and pop… read more >
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Michael Jackson

it's been how long?

Hard to believe isn't it? It's been 5 years, June 25 2009, when we woke to the news that the King of pop was dead. But he hasn't really gone anywhere. We are about to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of his 'Bad' album, there's documentaries about to hit the… read more >
Jusitn Bieber

Bieber in bingle

JUSTIN BIEBERhas been in a car accident, but he is ok. The story goes that he was a passenger in an SUV being chased by papparazo, when it crashed into a black BMW. Bieber walked away (literally) but he won't get in too much trouble, because he was only a… read more >
Stafford Brothers

The Stafford Brothers are back

Hold onto your hats, the STAFFORD BROTHERSare set to go with another smash single! They have teamed up withEVA SIMONS,who you'd know from 'This Is Love' with Will.I.Am & T.I.(lots of songs... let's see, um, Blurred Lines? Got it?) The single is called 'This… read more >

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Sarah D

Mostly Cloudy



Mostly Cloudy

Safe Cycle Month

Safe Cycle Month is on again, and to help raise awareness of safe cycling, Power FM has…