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September 19, 2014
Three unlucky Swans have made way for the return of three superstars ahead of this weekend's Grand Final. Luke Brennan, Chris Thornton and Daniel Kennedy all return from injury after missing out last…
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Snacks and TV Study

Jules and Ross love to stay across all the important studies from the world of science.…
Friday Fun Fact Cat

Friday Fun Fact is Back!

After Ross was away for a week, Jules didn't have the guts to ry and do the Friday Fun…

Thermomix Owners Aren't Happy

Thermomix owners are a passionate bunch... If you ever meet one, they usually can't stop…

Jules & Ross take the…

Jules and Ross from the Brekkie Show got drenched on Lydiard St - all part of raising…
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Results of Scotsland independence referendum

The results of the Scotland independence referendum are in, and it looks like a republic nation isn't on the cards anytime soon. Scotland rejected independence with 23 out of 32 areas declared, despite the Glasgow region voting a resounding yes. No ballots in… read more >
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Paypal and Twitter heavyweights go head to head

Paypal and Palatir cofounder Peter Thiel has some interesting views when it comes to Twitter. The entrepreneur had this to say regarding the social networking site on CNBC program 'Squawk Box.' "They have a lot of potential. It's a horribly mismanaged… read more >
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Students' amazing reaction to homophobic preacher

It's not uncommon, especially in the US, for preachers to head to university's to spread their message. At James Madison University recently students clashed with one such would-be prophet who was apparently preaching on the evils of homosexuality. That… read more >
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The countdown begins: Rolling Stones release Aussie tour teaser

Even the national rock tours get teaser videos these days. But, hey, we're not complaining because this is our first real glimpse of the long over-due Rolling Stones. Mick, Keith and the boys released this video today to let Aussie fans know it's just six… read more >
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Michael Jackson

it's been how long?

Hard to believe isn't it? It's been 5 years, June 25 2009, when we woke to the news that the King of pop was dead. But he hasn't really gone anywhere. We are about to celebrate the 25 year anniversary of his 'Bad' album, there's documentaries about to hit the… read more >
Jusitn Bieber

Bieber in bingle

JUSTIN BIEBERhas been in a car accident, but he is ok. The story goes that he was a passenger in an SUV being chased by papparazo, when it crashed into a black BMW. Bieber walked away (literally) but he won't get in too much trouble, because he was only a… read more >
Stafford Brothers

The Stafford Brothers are back

Hold onto your hats, the STAFFORD BROTHERSare set to go with another smash single! They have teamed up withEVA SIMONS,who you'd know from 'This Is Love' with Will.I.Am & T.I.(lots of songs... let's see, um, Blurred Lines? Got it?) The single is called 'This… read more >

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