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Zambrero Ballarat

Mexican with a Mission

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22 Armstrong St N, Ballarat Victoria 3350
(03) 5331 3363
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Zambrero is Mexican with a Mission. A healthy Mexican restaurant and humanitarian enterprise committed to tackling world hunger. Since being formed in 2005 by Dr. Sam Prince, millions of meals have been provided to those living in poverty around the world through Zambrero’s Plate 4 Plate initiative.

Founder, Dr. Sam Prince started Zambrero  while he was working part-time at a Mexican restaurant to pay the bills while still a medical student. Sam describes the inception of the brand, “There’s a quote by Steven Spielberg, who said that ‘intuition whispers in your ear it rarely yells.’ And indeed, in my life, intuition was whispering in my ear that Mexican food was just not done well for a long period of time in Australia. And at some point, it started to yell.”