Victoria’s fourth Omicron wave slows but still has impact

January 16, 2023 8:38 am in by

Despite under reporting known to be a problem, the Department of Health late last week released Ballarat’s latest COVID data.

143 cases were reported locally in the last 7 days, that’s slightly more than 20 per day.

Statewide case numbers dropped by 35%, although sadly 21 Victorian’s lost their lives to the virus each day on average.

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Australia is experiencing its fourth wave of the Omicron COVID strain, which has – unlike earlier eaves – broken out into several variants including XBB.1, BQ.1.1 and BR.2.1.

Referred to as a “variant soup” experts believe this breaking up of the Omicron variant could be a good sign, showing that COVID as we know it could be heading towards a slower, more continuous evolution, becoming similar to that of the seasonal flu.