Role of male leaders ‘critical’ in stamping out female violence, says Cafs

April 16, 2024 11:23 am in by
Photo: Radio Ballarat

Cafs says the role of male leaders in stamping out violence against women is ‘absolutely critical’.

A statement released by the Ballarat organisation yesterday said domestic violence is driven by gender inequality and have called for thoughtful discussion involving local male leaders.

It follows a march through the city on Friday, which rallied for the right of women to live safely in the community.

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Cafs CEO of Child and Family Services, Wendy Sturgess, says men not just need to call out violence, but also misogynistic behaviour and conversations.

“It is up to men to say, ‘enough is enough, we’re going to monitor our behaviour, we’re going to call out other people that we perhaps work with [and] in sporting settings.”

“Everybody needs to be aware of their role in calling men to account for their behaviours, because that’s what’s going to make one of the differences.”


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