Council is not shying away from its pothole problem

December 1, 2022 7:44 am in by


With potholes seemingly Ballarat’s number 1 bug bear, Ballarat City Council is airing its dirty laundry in the interest of honesty.

A new weekly Road Maintenance tracker (pictured below and posted to Council’s Facebook) and interactive map show residents the job status of various road complaints.

Ballarat Mayor Cr. Des Hudson encourages locals to use the resources to inform the extra three work crews employed by Council to increase road maintenance works.

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“We’re happy to own that and make that very public, as we continue through our road tracker to be able to show exactly how many repairs are being made every week, what new requests are coming in and also that backlog.”


“In the last couple of weeks we’ve been able to commit more resources. Three new teams coming on to be part of the road maintenance crew, and waiting for the weather to begin to fine up to get that work done.” Cr. Hudson said.

Once the weather improves, City of Ballarat sas road crews will be able to significantly reduce the number of outstanding road maintenance jobs over the coming months, delivering longer-term road maintenance works.

The interactive map at Council’s website, which can be accessed here, gives live updates on the status of road issues.


In addition to these resources, Ballarat residents are encouraged to donwload the Snap, Send, Solve app on their smartphone to report any road issues they see, which can inform the extra crews as road worls are ramped up across Summer and Autumn.

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