Containers knocked-off as Ballarat sporting clubs and community groups miss out

April 29, 2024 3:58 pm in by
Image by gepharts3d from Pixabay

Now that containers such as aluminium cans and liquid paperboard cartons have become a commodity, theft of them is on the rise.

Sporting clubs and other Ballarat based community groups say containers are now often going missing from unlocked bins.

Matt Vallance from McCallum / BRI, who have two Ballarat CDS collection sites, says it’s sad to see.

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“It’s really disappointing.”

“We had a footy club last week call on Monday morning to say six of their bins had gone missing, which is the equivalent of about $200, to them that’s paying a gas bill or electricity bill or something like that.”

“It’s really sad that they are being disadvantaged by that theft,” Mr. Vallance said.

McCallum / BRI are currently working through the process of installing locks on collection bins.