Ballarat woman blows staggering breath test number

January 30, 2023 2:59 pm in by

It appears the ‘don’t drink and drive’ message is not getting through to some local drivers.

Over the weekend during 4-day road safety operation ‘Amity’, a Ballarat woman was pulled up and blew a frightening .296.

“Point 296, now that’s a ridiculously high reading, it’s nearly six times the legal limit.”

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“It happened on Friday night in Ballarat, with a Ballarat woman driving a car, our local police caught up with her and recorded an evidentiary reading of point 296 so she’ll be fronting the court at a later time,” said Senior Sergeant Paul Maslunka.

Alcohol was not the only problem on our roads over the Australia Day period with plenty of speeding drivers detected.

One of the worst was a 74-year-old man more than 30Klm over the limit on Geelong Road Mt Clear with a child in the car.

Police denied his request for a warning only.