Ballarat urged to look to the skies tonight

November 8, 2022 8:45 am in by


Ballarat residents will be able to see a TOTAL lunar eclipse tonight.

Sometimes referred to as a Blood Moon, the moon will be turning into a blood-red astronomical body.

Astrophysicist Doctor Brad Tucker says it’s rare and special to see.

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“It’s the sort of thing that it is definitely rare, yet you will see it again in your lifetime. It won’t be if you miss this one you’ll never see it again. But it’s definitely a special treat.”

Although this one may be a bit more special.

“More importantly, it’s a long one. So the total eclipse, when it’s in that red colour, will last an hour and a half” Dr. Tucker said.

For locals the eclipse starts at 8:09pm, and ends at 11:49pm.

The total eclipse (when fully red) will last from 9:16pm – 10:41pm.

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Image: Pixabay



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