Ballarat is wheely liking the Neuron trial

December 6, 2022 8:01 am in by

Ballarat now has access to hired e-bikes.

The orange bikes are part of the Neuron network, which operates the orange e-scooters that have been on our streets for the past year.

Neuron hadn’t rolled its e-bike offering out in Ballarat as part of the initial trial, but it appears they’ve now popped up on our streets.

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The company has confirmed a fleet of 12 bikes will be in Ballarat during the summer months.

Ballarat is currently in the midst of a 12 month Neuron e-scooter trial, which was due to end this month. The trial was ramped up in September to include more vehicles, and to go further into Ballarat’s suburbs.

Our city is one of 12 locations across Australia where the Nueron e-scooters operate.

Neuron’s e-bikes now operate in every capital city of Australia after Sydney launched the service in April this year.

The e-bikes can be accessed through the Neuron app in the same way e-scooters are accessed.

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The launch of the e-bikes for summer reportedly has no bearing on Ballarat’s e-scooter trial, the future of which remains in the hands of the Department of Transport.

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