Tokyo Grill House

Tokyo Grill House

Delicious Japanese Dishes

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37 Armstrong St N Ballarat Central Victoria 3350
(03) 5333 3945
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Tokyo Catering Group provides delicious and wholesome Japanese meals to Ballarat locals and travellers alike. Taste the difference of made-to-order Japanese food that’s prepared in the traditional style from fresh, local ingredients.

For over 25 years, Tokyo Catering Group has shared our cultural cuisine with the community.

At Tokyo Grill House, you and your friends or family can sit back and relax in the comforts of a calming environment and enjoy the day or night together.

Our chefs will skillfully prepare and display their expertise on hot plates in front of you, according to your requirement.

You can enjoy not only teppanyaki but also traditional Japanese dishes like Sushi, Sashimi, Udon Noodle, Bento and Wagyu Steak at the new Tokyo Grill House on Armstrong Street.

Situated in the CBD Armstrong Street, the staff and management of Tokyo Grill House welcome the residents and visitors of Ballarat to their restaurant in the heart of the city.

Currently open seven days for lunch and dinner.