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For the first time in Ballarat.....the CASH MAN IS COMING!!!!

Beginning October 29, for 5 weeks the Cash Man will be in town with a bounty on his head. He's topped up his bank account and he's ready to take on Ballarat and surrounds.

Each day the Cash Man will call into the studio and reveal a clue to his whereabouts. This clue will also be revealed on Facebook.

At each of the locations, if not found the Cash Man will leave his token calling card instructing the finder to call through to the studio and reveal their near miss.
If he is found, the finder will be handed a card instructing them to call through to the studio announcing their victory and ending the hunt for that day.

Your challenge is to find him, ask the question and WIN the bounty on his head.

If you DON'T ask, you WON'T win.

Are you the Power FM Cash Man?


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