Twice as Nice: Report Finds Gen Z’s Skip Underwear Wash Day

March 25, 2024 11:15 am in by

In a quirky twist to laundry habits, a fascinating study dubbed the “Laundry Care Report 2024” by LG Electronics shines a light on the wash-and-wear rituals of Australians, with a particular focus on the Gen Z demographic. Believe it or not, over 30% of this youthful brigade confesses to giving their underwear an encore before committing them to the wash. And it doesn’t end there—gym attire re-wears are even more popular, with more than a quarter of Aussies admitting to doubling up on use before a cleanse.

The spotlight on Gen Z reveals an astonishing 30% opting for a second run with their undergarments and a staggering 36% re-donning gym clothes. Adding a hint of humour to these findings, nearly half of Gen Z respondents reportedly own a ‘not-quite-ready-to-wash’ chair for apparel in limbo—too pristine for the laundry yet not fresh enough for the wardrobe.

The report also uncovers the common laundry loathes amongst Australians, including stain removal, fading colours, and the seemingly endless chore of sorting and ironing. In an age where time is of the essence, nearly a third of Aussies have virtually abandoned ironing, seeking hassle-free clothing care alternatives.

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Shannon Tweedie, LG Australia’s marketing mastermind, quips on the report’s implications, “It sketches a vivid portrayal of our laundry dilemmas, highlighting a collective quest for simpler solutions to what is evidently a daunting task for many.” In a world where convenience is king, the LG study humorously but pointedly flags the evolving approach of Aussies, especially Gen Z, to tackling laundry chores in their quest for time-saving hacks.