Paris Hilton’s Baby gets trolled online, for obvious reasons

October 23, 2023 4:42 pm in by

Paris Hilton, the hotel heiress and celebrity, recently shared adorable pictures of her nine-month-old son, Phoenix, as he embarked on his first adventure to New York City. The sweet snapshots captured Phoenix sitting on her lap, and Hilton proudly captioned them with, “My precious angel baby Phoenix’s first time in NYC.” However, the joyous occasion was marred by cruel remarks from social media trolls regarding the shape of the baby’s head.

Several users took to the comments section to make unfavourable comparisons. One commenter likened Phoenix’s head to “Stewie,” the uniquely-shaped character from the TV show Family Guy. Another referenced “Pinky and the Brain,” a famous animated duo, in relation to the child. While some individuals expressed concern for the child’s well-being, suggesting medical advice and helmet treatment, others defended Hilton.

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Some of Hilton’s supporters criticised the trolls, emphasising the importance of kindness and sensitivity when discussing an innocent baby. They questioned why anyone would resort to making disparaging comments about a child, regardless of any special conditions he may have.

Phoenix’s birth was a well-kept secret, with Hilton and her husband, entrepreneur Carter Reum, choosing to reveal the news of their baby’s arrival via surrogate in a surprise announcement. Hilton explained her desire for privacy, expressing that she wanted something personal and away from the media spotlight. She shared her feelings on the Today show, stating, “I didn’t want the media and people online just speaking about my son even before he was here on this earth.”

In the midst of social media chatter and negativity, many have come forward to support Paris Hilton, emphasising the importance of treating a baby with kindness and respect. Let’s remember that at the heart of it all is a new mother proudly sharing her joy with the world.