Man’s Love For Uncooked Bacon Linked to Tapeworms Found in Brain

March 19, 2024 12:26 pm in by
Image: American Medical Journal

Bacon lovers, beware! A recent medical case in the US has shed light on a potential connection between consuming undercooked bacon and the presence of tapeworm larval cysts in the brain.

The 52-year-old man sought medical help for severe migraines that did not respond to medication. Upon conducting a CT scan, doctors made a shocking discovery – numerous tapeworm larval cysts in his brain, which can lead to a condition known as cysticercosis.

The intriguing twist? The man had a long-standing habit of indulging in lightly cooked, non-crispy bacon. While the doctors speculated that this eating habit might have played a role, they also emphasised the importance of proper handwashing to prevent such infections.

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Image from the American Medical Journal showing larval cysts in the brain.

The report, featured in the American Journal of Case Reports, underlines the potential health risks associated with undercooked bacon consumption. Although it remains unclear whether the tapeworms stemmed from the bacon or inadequate hand hygiene, the advice stands – ensure your bacon is crispy and practice thorough handwashing for good measure.

So, next time you want a bacon fix, remember: crispy is key, and hygiene is non-negotiable!