Fans Surprised as Drew Barrymore Reveals Inside of Her ‘Normal’ Home

March 22, 2024 1:23 pm in by
Image Credit: TikTok @drewbarrymore / Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images

Drew Barrymore, the iconic Hollywood star, has left fans gobsmacked with a glimpse into her wonderfully ‘normal’ New York City home. In an age where we often picture celebrities living in huge mansions with all the bells and whistles, Barrymore’s unpretentious abode surprised fans.

Earlier this month, Drew Barrymore took to TikTok to showcase her love for staying at home. The short video provided fans with a glimpse into her down-to-earth lifestyle, where she was seen casually cooking eggs in her compact kitchen and enjoying them at a simple dining table covered by a charming floral tablecloth.

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The unexpected look into her somewhat ‘normal-looking’ home prompted fans to express their love for the actress’s refreshingly relatable living space. One user commented “You give off the vibes of you bought your first apartment and you are still there 🥰 so wholesome and cuteeeee” and another said “I love that your house looks like a home and not just a show piece.”

She’s scoring major brownie points with her fans for embracing the joys of living in a “normal” apartment and indulging in activities us regular people do. Who knew Drew Barrymore was just like us…

Watch the TikTok video below.


I love staying in.

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