Cafe’s Hidden Toasting Fee Left Customer Feeling Fried!

April 29, 2024 11:04 am in by
Image: Reddit @ShreemBreeze

A Perth cafe has found itself at the centre of controversy after a customer was shocked to discover a 90-cent surcharge for having their $14.90 sandwich toasted. The incident has started a wave of social media outrage and calls for transparency in pricing.

The upset customer went on social media to vent, sharing a photo of a basic sandwich with egg and spinach, and criticising the extra charge for toasting it. This surprising 90 cent fee, added to the already expensive $14.90 sandwich, has sparked a discussion on the internet over the cost of buying takeaway.

Perth Cafe standard….14.90 for an average tasting sandwich. They charged 90 cents to toast it!!!
byu/ShreemBreeze inaustralia
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Commenters were quick to voice their frustration, with one user quipping, “Since when are we getting charged to heat up the food we’re buying?!” Another said, “First time I have ever heard of a fee to toast your sandwich in a cafe.” Many urged the customer to reveal the cafe’s name, with one user suggesting that it “…smells of paying for convenience” and queried if it was “at an airport?”

The incident shows that people are becoming more aware of hidden fees and rising prices, especially with worries about living costs. Many online users shared feelings of disappointment with expensive restaurants and called for smarter spending or boycotting eating out altogether.

This uproar comes after other recent arguments about extra hidden charges at restaurants such as peak season surcharges and credit card surcharges.

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