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So it seems as though Japan has a crazy obsession with Nestle Kit Kat's, so much so that Nestle will open it's first new factory in 26 years in the country to cater to demand.

Now before you start thinking "It's just a Kit Kat, surely it's not that popular," things are a little different when it comes to Japan's Kit Kat range - They now have 30 different varieties of the chocolate bar available, which is without a doubt heaps more than we have here in Australia... I can only count maybe 5 off the top of my head right now.

It is now known as the number one selling chocolate bar in Japan and some of the 30 flavours on offer include green tea, strawberry maple, rum and raisin, roasted tea and strawberry. A nestle spokesperson said they've even released limited edition flavours on certain holidays, including pumpkin, carrot cake, wasabi and purple potato.

But wait, the obsession gets even more crazy - Kit Kats have become so massive in the country, Japan is even now making more Kit Kat branded products aside from chocolate bar itself, selling Kit Kat branded cheese cakes, Kit Kat sandwiches and even Kit Kats that you can bake... And here we are in Australia thinking we're cool because we've got the Kit Kat chunky caramel - HA!!

Could you ever see us here in Australia becoming this obsessed with a product? The only thing I can think of that even came close in the past for us was Tim Tams, but even that hype has died down for us now.