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Many movies and stories have some big plot holes, but one Reddit user has discovered a somewhat hilarious one in Harry Potter - Hilarious because A. In the grand scheme of the story, it's ridiculously trivial, and B. The way he explains it in general is just down right comedy gold in itself...

Reddit user TopGunFromTheTop wants to know just how mutch of a scrooge Harry is:

“Harry Potter is balling. They show him in Gringotts in the first movie and he’s got stacks on deck ... Literally a Warren Buffet lookin man, while his homeboy Ron lives in abject poverty.”

He continues by saying that in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry’s true colours are exposed...

“Ron’s got a messed up wand after he saves Harry and gets him to school, and Harry doesn’t do s*** about it - That’s a serious issue that could be life threatening and Harry never thinks to buy his only damn friend in the whole world a wand despite the fact that he’s got Bill Gates wealth? He’s just like, ‘sorry man I guess you gotta throw up slugs for the rest of the semester’.”

I mean obviously I see the guys point, but in the grand scheme of things does it really matter?

What do you think?