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Ok, this seems like a bit of a strange one even for the strict standards of the Wimbledon tennis championships.

Before getting his match uderway in the junior boys tournament, Austrian Jurij Rodionov was asked by officials to change his underwear because they were blue. Now the dress code for Wimbledon is strictly all white, but surely that shouldn't have to apply to your undergarments as well wouldn't you think?
Well apparently yes if the colour of those undergarments can be seen through the white of your outerwear, which lets face it, is most commonly the case if you're wearing say a white t-shirt with a blue singlet underneath - You're going to be able to see the blue singlet at least a little.

During the exchange of this happening, Jurij was asked several times to show his boxers to officials before being asked to return to the locker room and change them to a more appropriate pair (as documented on twitter by NY Times writer Ben Rothenberg).

He'd been apparently wearing the same boxers on gameday so far throughout the tournament without any worries from officials as they were his lucky gameday undies, and even though he was asked to change them, the good news is that he still went on to win his match (in a cruel blow to the laws of superstition, haha).