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Friends Cookbook is being published!


If you ever wanted to make Monica Geller's Thanksgiving feast, now you can!!

An official Friends-themed cookbook is being published later this year. Friends: The Official Cookbook will hit shelves on September 22 and is already available for pre-order.

The upcoming cookbook contains more than 70 recipes inspired by the beloved '90s sitcom, according to Delish. Some of the offerings include Just for Joey Fries and, of course, Monica's Thanksgiving Feast. Don't worry, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross and Chandler also have their own recipes in the book, too. From Chandler Bing's Milk You Can Chew to Rachel's famous English Trifle, each character gets their chance to shine in Friends: The Official Cookbook.

Not only are the recipes inspired by the show, the cookbook pairs each one with an episode of Friends. You'll be able to whip up something from the cookbook and then watch the episode that inspired it. Now that Friends is available to stream again, this time on HBO Max instead of Netflix, cooking up these recipes will be the perfect activity for die hard fans.

If you love Friends but aren't an expert chef like Monica, don't stress. Even those with the same level of cooking skills as Rachel can make these recipes. Friends: The Official Cookbook is for all levels of expertise.

Will you be grabbing a copy the Friends cookbook when it hits shelves later this year?