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Using your Kids as an Excuse to Cancel Plans

If you think you're a bad person for doing it, one of Hollywood's veterns does the same thing!

During her appearence on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Jamie-Lee Curtis admitted to using her kids as an excuse to get out of literally any plans!

While she was talking to James about her recent birthday, James asked "Did you do anything special this year? Were there any big plans?". Curtis replied with, "No, James. I'm old! I'm old, I'm married, our kids are gone."

They then discussed dinner parties and entertaining guests, Corden relatably said, "My favorite dinner party is one that gets canceled an hour before I have to be there. It's glorious.". Curtis agreed and added, "It's the reason to have children, because you can immediately blame it on them. You know, 'They have diarrhea,' and then right away, they don't want you to come. They really don't want you to come.".  

So if you feel guilty that you using your children to get out of different events, don't worry! Jamie-Lee Curtis and James Corden to exactly the same thing!




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