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Victoria, Get Set For the Worst Hay Fever Season Ever!

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I love Spring, but sadly, like many, Spring doesn't always like me, thanks to hayfever, and it looks like my sneezing is about to go into overdrive!

An Australian doctor has just put out a warning saying that Victorian hay fever and asthma sufferers (like you and I) have to prepare for Sneezeageddon!!!

Ed Newbigin, is a botanist from University of Melbourne, and he says that over the next coming weeks, due to good rainfall, healthy grass growth will lead to elevated pollen levels.

He recommends that we go talk to our healthcare professionals and find out medication we should start taking to help deal with those naughty pollens in the air.

And there are some stats, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, almost one in five Australians had allergic rhinitis back  in 2017-18, and the poor buggers over in the ACT have the highest rate of suffering, 29%.

But this year, us Victorians are expected to have the highest levels of pollen, so achoo to you and achoo to me!


There is a Pollen Forecast Website which can tell us where the worst of the pollen is each day, (I didn't know this existed until today) 

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Image by Goumbik from Pixabay