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Shia LaBeouf Crys While Eating Hot Wings

There is something so entertaining watching people eat extremely hot wings!

First We Feast by Hot Ones is one of the most popular shows online. It sees a whole host of different celebrities try to finish a selection of chicken wings marinated in different hot sauses. The concept is somple, but oh does it get real!!

Sean Evens, the host, talks to LaBeouf about his next 2 projects that he has coming out, Peanut Butter Falcon and Honey Boy.

After being part of blockbuster films with massive budgets like Transformers and Indiana Jones , LaBeouf has taken to smaller and more artsy projects with smaller budgets. Which has turned out well for him! He has also taken part in a few performance art pieces over the past couple of years, which has seen him in the headlines.

Peanut Butter Falcon hit theatres in the US in August and his semi-autobiographical story, Honey Boy coming to Amazon Prime on November 8th!



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