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Vlog Squad Coming to Melbourne!!

VidCon Australia 2019 is on from the 19th (today) to the 22nd of Septmber in Melbourne!!

 VidCon is an event that happens every year all around the world. Some of the biggest Youtube and social media stars and content creators come together and share their success with other content creators! Take a little sneak peak at what to expect at VidCon Australia 2019 in the video below...

This year it is happening in Melbourne once again, and our very own Josh Arthur (from the Workday Hits) will be involved! You can catch Josh at VidCon2019 in Melbourne moderating a Q&A with some of the hottest YouTube stars on the planet, Scotty Sire, Kristen McAtee and Toddy Smtih. Key members of the YouTube group, The Vlog Squad! You can also catch him talking to Jimi Jackson, Georgia Productions and Ozzy Man Reviews about how they come up with ideas, what makes them laugh and how they keep the laughs coming.

Check out some of The Vlog Squad's best moments...

If you're wanting to head along, you can buy 4-day passes or single day passes here