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Liam Hemsworth the Next Bachelor?

Liam Hemsworth

This would be the best season EVER!

After the shock announcement that Liam Hemsworth and wife, Miley Cyrus would be parting ways, as usual the internet comes to the rescue! Suggesting that Liam would be the perfect person to team up with Osher and bring us some spectacular TV.

To be honest I kind of agree! Aaannndd here why...

1. He's hot!

2. He's sussessful!

3. He hasn't had the best luck with love.

4. Guarenteed 50% of the population of Australia would apply to be on the show with him.

5. The rest of the world will be watching as well. I am yet to see why this is a bad idea!

An actual campaign for the new Bachie may be in the works. The Outspoken podcast posted a photo that went crazy with comments.

So fingers crossed we could be seeing this happen in the near future!!