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Friend Posted Photo Of Bride In Her Dress Before The Big Day

Your big day is coming up, you have your wedding dress, the groom won't be seeing it until the day, but then, someone ruins that for you.

How would you feel? 

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Well for one bride, that is exactly what happened.

Her very own bridesmaid ruined the "wedding dress reveal", because she took a photo of the bride in her gown at her final fitting, posted it on Facebook, and even tagged the groom to be!


The poor bride didn't know it had happened till a couple of hours later, and even easked her friend to take it down, but her friend thought it was not that important.

The bride to be went onto Mumsnet to express her dismay. 

Bride dress 1 

And it didn't take long for others to sympathise.  

Bride dress 3

Bride dress 3 

So is the bridesmaid in the wrong?

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Image by Andry Richardson from Pixabay