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Backpackers Are Complaining About Australia

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Seems some backpackers don't like us anymore and are moaning about Australia on social media.

Complaints from "it's too cold at night" to “the daft working conditions on Aussie farms" to "constant rain and storms”.

Maria Shaw, is a backpacker from the UK, and she had a big dig at Australia, saying that her stay was dissapointing, and that her high expectations were never met.

Her list of complaints are:

  • She, and her partner, bought a van to travel around our great southern land,  but they had trouble with the parking restrictions
  • Groceries were too expensive groceries, as is fuel and camping
  • They found it hard to find work here, and if they ended up on a farm, they had to pay for accommodation, that they had to share with others
  • They also found it hard to meet new people

Another backpacker, this one from Greece, Mary Kyropoulou, also had a go at Australia:

  • She claimed it was a “a waste of time”
  • She also had lots to say about the locals, she claims they showed “no appreciation towards foreigners”
  • She also said in her whinge that she couldn't wait to return home, quote, "where university degrees are more important than a bunch of meaningless cards that require no intelligence to obtain"

But us Aussie weren't having this, many fought back saying:

  • “If you don’t like the place, don’t think something is wrong with you!! Just leave and go somewhere else’
  • “If you aren’t enjoying yourself then you should probably leave. Or open your mind and enjoy the fact that you are on the other side of the world” 
  • “Here’s a plan, change your attitude, do a bit more research and go exploring”

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