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Driver Fined $337 Because Passenger Was On FaceTime

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I ask myself, are there road rules we are just never told, so when we break them, we cop a hefty fine? Because this road rule is mind blowing.


Sheree Panetta (from Sydney) ended up with a fine for $337 due to the fact that her passenger sitting next to Sheree was on FaceTime while Sheree was driving.

 After sharing it on Facebook, it went viral, with many saying stuff like: 

  • “It’s a passenger! Not the god damn driver, it’s not a legal distraction if the driver isn’t looking at the screen.”
  • "That must mean passengers can’t use a phone at all technically."
  • “Soon your (sic) gonna have fines for talking in the car.”
  • "Obvious revenue raising is obvious."
  • “They better make driving with kids illegal because those back seat fights are the most distracting!”
NSW road rules

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay