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Men in Black and Spiderman Universes Collide

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland got head-to-head!

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Holland were tasked with interviewing each other about their respected movies. Chris was promoting Men in Black: International and Tom Spiderman: Far From Home.

You can probably guess that the interviews weren’t done the traditional way. The two recently worked together on Avengers: Endgame and debated which one of their characters would take over as the ‘new’ Iron Man in the MCU. They also spoke about Chris’ Oscar hopes and dreams after “gaining” a whole heap of weight for the Avengers: Endgame movie which he remarkably shed very quickly after filming wrapped!

You can check out the Men in Black: International trailer here...

You can also check out the trailer to Spiderman: Far From Home here...

Videos: Sony Pictures Entertainment