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Ballarat Private School Dating App

Dating just got a whole lot more exclusive!

Because we live in an age where dating is all done online now, there is a dating app for every niche market. We can add another to that list! Are you someone who had a private education and just can’t find anyone to settle down with? Do not fear! Toffee is here to help you!

Toffee is a dating app, originally launched in the UK, that is especially for people who received a private school education. The app’s founder, Lydia Davis, private school alumni, stated that,

“We set it up because we know people from similar backgrounds are more likely to stick together,”.

She then continued to say,

“We felt that Australia would be the best place for us to roll out to first though as we were inundated with requests for us to launch there,”.

Toffee can be found on the App Store.

Video: Lydia Davis Youtube




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