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Some Pollies Want To Ban Walking & Texting At The Same Time

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People are starting to become very annoyed with predestians walking and texting and not checking where they are going, so much so, one city wants to fine people for it.

Over in New York, politicians have got together to propose a new state law that would impose fines of $US25 ($A36) to $US50 ($A73) on first-time offenders who walk and text at the same time, and if you are silly enough to repeat the offence within an 18 month period, you would then see fines as high as $US250 ($A364) hurt your wallet or purse.

Many are behind it, especially the drivers who apparently get slogged with a $US110 ($A160) ticket just because they had to stopped at a green light to let the pedestrians cross in front of them.

But the pedestrians who are guilty are not so happy, one saying, quote, “What a dumb proposal, I’m still going to text while crossing.”


The state Senate and Assembly are looking over this new law, which will include laptops, electronic gaming devices and of course mobile phones.

The only time you can use your phone as if it's an emergency.

So if the law passes and you text and walk over in New York, watch out! 

Seriously you should look where you are walking or you'll end up in a GIF or two.



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Image by Jan Vašek from Pixabay