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Chris Lilley's New Netflix Series


From the man who brought us Summer Heights High, Angry Boys, Jonah from Tonga, We Can Be Heros and Ja’mie Private School Girl, now comes his latest series, Lunatics.

“A Pet Psychologist to the stars, a Real Estate Entrepreneur, a cutting edge Fashion Designer, a budding Museum Owner, an arts and crafts Influencer, and the future Earl of Gayhurst. Lunatics: the story of six characters coming to terms with themselves and the world around them - be it a haunting past or a pressurising future, finding love or chasing dreams. Starring Chris Lilley, Chris Lilley, Chris Lilley, Chris Lilley, Chris Lilley, and Chris Lilley. Premieres April 19, only on Netflix.”

Chris Lilley is an Australian actor, comedian, writer, director, producer and musician that has been one of the driving forces in Australian TV comedy and his latest Netflix series is no different!

We are so excited about the characters that he has come up with for his latest season. Watch the trailer below and get a bit of an introduction to each of them…