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4 Things to do for your Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air people! 

1. Declare your love for them!

Too many people go through life without telling people how they feel! You have to grab life by the horns and tell the person you love how you feel. For some people you may risk ruining a friendship in search of something more. Others, may be so deep into the friendzone that there is no hope of a return. But, that's ok. Second chances come all the time, you just have to recognise them and act upon them.

2. It's ok to be alone.

A lot of people are alone on Valentines Day. And that's ok! Once you learn to live on your own and take care of yourself you will be much more able to take care of someone else! Just be patient, the time will come when someone else steps into your life and you will be ready for that, because you know how to look after your self.

3. Be creative with your Valentines Day gifts.

A lovely dinner is great, or a bunch of flowers is good. But what people really appreciate is time and effort put into something that you can enjoy together. Think of his/her interests and try to cater to what she specifically likes. If it's theatre, go to a show! If it's wine and cheese, go to a vineyard! Personalise every experience you have with each other so that there will be no other like it. 

4. Do nothing!

Some people don't need all the bells and whisles. A bottle of wine, some doritos and Netflix may be all you partner wants. Perfect for spending quality time together...and cheap!