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What is like to work with Lindsey Lohan...


We all know the story of Lindsey Lohan. Disney child star gets too deep into LA party scene, becomes too hard to work with, gets a bad name for herself in Hollywood, can't get any work so she moves overseas, suddenly re-emerges for a second chance at fame.

Well, he second chance has come. With the announcement of her new MTV show Lindsey Lohan's Beach Club, which follow her around as she tries to run a night club on the party island of Mykonos, Greece. 

She has been notorious for being hard to work with, showing up drunk or hungover, if she even decided to show up at all. Once, she even overdosed on cocaine while on set. She refused to do read throughts with other actors and was just an all round annoying diva. But, it seems her was have changed for her new show. The President of Programming for MTV, Nina Diaz stated that Lohan, "really embraced it, was invested from the start and was ready to dive in and was a great partner to work with.” 

She continued on to say that, “We had a great experience,” she said. “We made what we think is a really amazing show and we’re very excited about the show. And most reality timelines do not move that quickly, so that speaks volumes to her as well, because we had to do this in such a short period of time, which requires a large commitment and she jumped in full throttle.”

Seems that Lohan has become a serious showbiz professional. Let's hope it lasts!