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5 Gifts that are Easy to Re-Gift

Christmas presents under the tree

It's Christmas Eve baby!! We all get those presents that we don't really want, we do the fake appreciation and the "Awwwww I love it!". When really we are already thinking of way we can get rid of this. Here are 7 things that are easy to re-gift...

1. Candles

Candles are probably one of the most common re-giftable gifts. Purely because they are so common. You can easily small the candle, decide you don't like the smell and then easily just re-wrap the candle in different paper and gift it to someone that will appreciate a smelly hunk of wax.

2. Novelty Items

If anyone ever gets you a whoopy cushion for Christmas get rid of this person immediately.

3. Fragrances

If you are a 50 year old woman and someone buys you Katy Perry's fragrance, please do us all a favour and re-gift it. You should be mature enough to not want to smell like a 16 year old girl. Please and thank you.

4. Gift Cards

Don't get me wrong, gift cards are the way to go if you have no idea what to get a person. But if you recieve a gift card to Bunnings or BCF or an Aussie Disposals store and you're not into any of that stuff, chances are that gift card has actually been re-gifted to you. So you can re-gift the re-gifted gift card or just make the most of it!

5. Clothing

Clothing is a tricky one. If someone gets you clothing and it's too big, you get offended and if it's too small you feel bad about yourself. If you do get clothing and it's just not something you would wear, maybe think about donating it to Vinnies or a clothes bin alone with some of your other clothes. I mean, in the end, that's what Christmas is all about.

Merry Christmas! And Happy Re-Gifting!