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Teen Matches with Sister on Tinder...yeah it got awkward!



There is nothing more awkward then seeing someone who know on Tinder; an ex, a work collegue, a friend, or a family member!

Well in this case a brother swiped right ON HIS SISTER! 

Once the siblings had realised what they had done the messages that came were certainly awkward!

He messaged saying, "WTF. sissy?". Firstly, who calls their sister "sissy"???

The sister then replies, "What the flip are you doing on here??? You aren't 18+".

He then responses with, "You swiped right on me!" to which she points out: "You did it first sicko".

He then says: "This is so gross. I'm calling mom" with a sick face emoji.

The sister then jokes: "I already called her. Have fun in juvi."

A little word of advice so this doen't happen to you. You do have to be over 18 to use this app.

Just so you're sure, he is a video on how to use Tinder PROPERLY!