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One School Wants To Bring Back Paddling

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School corporal punishment was removed from many schools around the world a long time ago, but that might change soon.

The Georgia School of Innovation and the Classics, which is located in the south eastern state of Georgia U.S.A, wants to bring back paddling to punish students.

The school has already sent home permission slips to parents, and apparently, about one-third of the 100 forms have come back with YES!

The school wants to "strike" the students 3 times and 3 times only with a wooden board.

This form of punishment is still legal in Georgia and 19 other states over in America.

The below table shows when School corporal punishment was banned in Australia. 

StateGovernment schoolsNon-government schools
Victoria Banned in 1888
Banned in 1990.
Banned in 1994 Not banned
New South Wales
First banned in 1987.Ban repealed in 1989 but was in disuse.
Banned again in 1995.
Banned in 1997
Banned in 1999.
Banned in 1999
Australian Capital Territory Banned in 1988.
Banned in 1997.
Northern Territory
Banned in 2016.[citation needed] Banned in 2009.
South Australia Banned in 1991. Not banned
Western Australia Banned in 1999
Effectively abolished by Education Department policy in 1987.
Banned in 2015
You can find out more about School corporal punishment and citations needed on Wikipedia


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Photo thanks to PIXABAY