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QLD Cafes Are Cleaning Up Australia Which We Need Here

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When you litter, you ruin the planet, even if you don't care, others do and that's why Queensland Cafes are starting the fight against litter.

Back in 2017, Lure Living (a coffee shop in Yeppoon) decided that they had had enough of beach litter and began an initiative to offer customers either a free cup of coffee or a scoop of gelato for a bucket of rubbish that they had collected off the beach.

It is starting to gain traction thanks to the Today Show.

Other cafes got involved including The Blue Room and Ocean Gelati and Coffee Bar in North Stradbroke Island.

Now we might not have a beach here, but we do have a lake and many gardens that need cleaning, so maybe this post can inspire others to take up the challenge.

Here's some facts about what your litter does to the environment and the animals:

An estimated 100 000 marine mammals and turtles are killed by plastic litter every year around the world.

Turtles, fish, birds, dolphins, seals and other marine mammals have all fallen victim to plastic.

Fishing line, netting, rope, bait box packaging bands and so on trap and strangle animals.

Large marine animals such as seals and dolphins can starve to death when muzzled by plastic litter.

You can find out more HERE about the stats.

And for more on the Cafe story, click HERE

Picture thanks to PIXABAY