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Workday Hits

Power FM announces the winner of Friendliest Street!

After a long process, and many many votes, a winner has been officially announced for Power FM's Friendliest Street!

Boyd Court in Canadian won with a monumental amount of votes - the neighbours campaigning together to be crowned the winners (and even getting a vote from the neighbour cat, Artie). 

Mayor of Ballarat, Daniel Moloney, awarded Boyd Court the win and officially recognised the winning street as the 'Friendliest Street in Ballarat' with their very own street sign! 

The "elected mayor" of Boyd Court, Kane Tolliday, spoke of the friendship and comradery the occupants of Boyd Court share.

“We had a good Christmas party last year and with the restrictions opening up, we meet down at the wetlands to stay connected,” he said.

“We also have a resident personal trainer in the court, who’s done a few PT sessions so it’s been really good.”



Pictured: Mayor of Boyd Court & Mayor of Ballarat meeting.

(Photo supplied: City of Ballarat)


Pictured: The occupants of Boyd Court (Power FM)