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Lachie's Ballarat Bucket List

I'm looking for the quintessential Ballarat experiences.

20210404_152202.jpgI've been in Ballarat for almost two months now, and I reckon I'm about ready to transition from being a Ballarat tourist to becoming a Ballarat local. Like any town though, there are rites of passage you have to go through to become a 'true local'. 

I'm making a 'Ballarat Bucket List' and need your help with suggestions and ideas on how to become a local in Ballarat. Anything from the fun stuff like eating chips and gravy at the Gravy Spot to the nitty-gritty activities like getting stuck during peak hour in Dyson Drive - I want your ideas! Over the next week, I'll be making the list and then, it's time to become a local!

I'll be updating this list as it progresses, for now - 

This is the Ballarat Bucket List:

  1. Get attacked by a swan at Lake Wendouree (Josh, Power FM)
  2. Get stuck at the pedestrian lights at Ballarat Train Station waiting for the train to go past (Maddie, Power FM)
  3. Do the Saturday 'Park Run' (Kerry)
  4. Smash down a chips & gravy at the Gravy Spot at 4 am (Adam)
  5. Beer on the balcony at The Golden City Hotel (Sally)
  6. Learn how to pronounce Alfredton like a Ballaratian (Jodie-Ann)
  7. Get stuck in a swan traffic jam at the lake (Caitlin)
  8. Have a hamburger in Curtis Street carpark (Ruth)
  9. Wear a Kathmandu puffer jacket (Anna)
  10. Do a full lap of Lake Wendouree - and spot Steve Moneghetti (Jules, Power FM)
  11. Go to the Saturday markets (Sharon)
  12.  Walk from Mount Buninyong to Ballarat Station (Rebecca)
  13. Perform a successful handbrake start on Dana Street Hill (Alysha)
  14. Eat Jam Donuts at Trash and Treasure (Vikki)
  15. Refer to 'Stocklands' as 'the Village' (Nathan)
  16. Take a Ballarat Underground Tour (Dave)
  17. Wear shorts in winter (Leanne)
  18. Pizza at Eureka Bistro (Melissa)
  19. Laps of Sturt Street (Lisa)
  20. Walk up Dana Street hill in one go (Karen)
  21. Excursion to Sovereign Hill (Trudi)
  22. Get stuck in a traffic jam on Wendouree Parade whilst the swans cross the road (Kylie)
  23. Take a ghost tour (Lara)
  24. Play a game of basketball with the Ballarat Miners (Millie, Ballarat Rush player)



Images: Power FM