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Time to Clean out your Fridge Ballarat


Did you know that Sunday (15th Nov) is National Clean Out Your Fridge Day?

I know, there is actually a day for that. Although, not surprising given how much Aussies are loving organising the home recently!

Camera film, sewing thread, super glue and cattle drench. These are just some of the non-food items that Australians have confessed to keeping in their fridge at home, a new survey has found. 

In the lead up to National Clean Out Your Fridge Day on Sunday 15th November, Mitsubishi Electric Australia - supplier of four-star energy-efficient French door refrigerators - asked its customers about the weird and wonderful items that they keep in their fridge at home. The results did not disappoint. 

When presented with a list of non-food items that could be in their fridge and asked what they would be most likely to have in there, medicine came out on top (55%). This was followed by aloe vera (9%) and beauty products such as face masks, nail polish and collagen powder (5%). 

There were some rogue items, however, that Australians couldn’t wait to add to the collection of all that has been listed above. Additional items put forward by respondents included batteries, plant seeds, coffee and bicarbonate of soda. 

The survey also investigated what food items were most likely to be kept in the fridge the longest. Results showed that the purchase of classic morning condiments such as jam and marmalade may be a good idea at the time but the reality of regular usage is unlikely. The fruity classics have taken the top spot for the longest item in Australian household fridges (27%). 

This was followed by salad dressing (21%), pickles (18%), hot sauce (12%), medicines (8%) and then cheese (6%). 

While this was the order from a national perspective, when compared across states, the list ranking varied. New South Wales (41%) and Queensland (36%) chose jam and marmalade as their item most likely to be kept in the fridge the longest, however, South Australians (38%) opted for pickles being there the longest (48%). Victorians chose salad dressing and West Australians chose hot sauce (40%). 

The tongue in cheek survey may have many questioning what is in the back of their fridge and if it is time for them to investigate. Celebrity chef and Mitsubishi Electric Australia Ambassador, Ed Halmagyi has provided his quick tips. 


“A few quick tips for anyone considering a fridge refresh...clear everything out and bin anything that looks past its best day. Try and create some space between items to allow your refrigerator to perform at its best. Storing fruits and vegetables in plastic wrap may help to keep them even fresher for longer. Clean glass shelves and move or fold back, if possible, to make a variety of heights. Finally, create a system by allocating zones on each shelf for like items and aim to stick to it. The easier things are to find, the less wastage you should experience,” said Ed. 

Image by difisher from Pixabay