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The City of Ballarat have greenlit a very different type of music festival...

The festival is all about celebrating Ballarat's uniqueness and obscurity, and the venues for the 3 concerts are about as weird as you get.

Across 3 Fridays, Be Hear/Now will be showing a local line up of musicians to play at different locations around Ballarat. The locations are not your usual locations though - a derelict bacon factory, an inner-city motel and a bowling alley. The events will be both live streamed and have people in attendance in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions.

The first gig will be help at the George Farmer & Co building on Friday November 13th. The second gig held on Friday November 20th will be located at Ballarat's Mid City Hotel and the third gig will be going live at Ballarat's Oz Tenpin Bowling

In order to select those lucky enough to attend the events in person, the City of Ballarat has teamed up with multi-award winning art duo PluginHUMAN to present [ i miss your touch ], an online immersive art experience for two people, in separate locations, to dance and interact.

Punters are encouraged to book a spot online with a friend they’ve been missing, create art and they’ll go in the running for a ticket to one of the three shows.