Facebook Launch New Logo

Facebook has added some colour to its logo with a fresh new design that hints at some changes being made at the world’s biggest social media platform.


(image: pexels)

The logo features the word “FACEBOOK” in all capital letters (I wonder how much they paid a graphic designer to come up with that little gem). It adds colour with versions in blue, green and then a gradient of purple, red and orange. Now where have we seen that before? No it’s not the Google logo, it’s actually all colours of it’s multiple brands. Blue of course for the mothership - Facebook, then green for WhatsApp and the purple, red and orange for Instagram.
In a recent post Facebook stated that "People should know which companies make the products they use," so the colours are about the company being more transparent. Something they have been criticized heavily for especially in the last year.


(image: Facebook)

I’m not sure if colourful logos is what we were talking about though Facebook, it was more about, you know.. Our data and what you are doing with it? But hey, it’s nice that you are at least looking to make an effort even if it is with a box of crayons.


Written by Doccydarko the official gaming & tech reporter for the Random 30