Mary Poppins accused of racism

Just when you think that some things get out of control well Mary Poppins is the next victim.   If you have seen the movie where she goes down the chimney and ends up having black soot on her face, then gets out her make-up and adds extra black soot, well that is the part that has claims against her as 'Racist'. It was branded racist by an academic, who says the film was “flirting with blackface”.   This accuser also says “Her face gets covered with soot, but instead of wiping it off, she gamely powders her nose and cheeks and gets even blacker.”

I personally think this really is a load of rubbish but what do you think?

So many comments already about it with one person saying “Stop spreading racism claims on non-racist things like this.’ Another person said 'Come on now, leave Mary Poppins out of this!