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Jules realised her dream of working in radio at the tender age of 12, when she started her own station recorded entirely on cassette.

Unfortunately Jules FM lived a short life, due to complaints from a loyal listener (her brother) over playing Wannabe from the Spice Girls on repeat and endless self-indulgent chatter about herself.

Luckily for her there was an outlet willing to indulge Jules’ ego and let her run loose with banter. Power FM agreed to take Jules from the City of Trams in a trade-off scheme, whereby Melbourne got stuck with Karl Stefanovic. In retrospect it was a poor swap!


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Before radio, Kris spent his early years working on the family dairy farm, where it was his job to delicately whisper words of encouragement in the cows’ ears during milking. Each morning he would slip into his overalls and pull on his synthetic boots – for Kris was careful to avoid leather for obvious reasons – and make his way out to the dairy shed to commence the day’s work.

As time went on, Kris’s skill for cow whispering developed. He started getting recognised for his achievements on an official level. Kris became the first ever recipient of the Golden Pipes award for outstanding performance in cow whispering, presented to him in a living room ceremony hosted by his proud parents. He also picked up a number of minor accolades including the occasional pat on the back and the much coveted ‘attaboy, Kris!’

It wasn’t until years later, after hundreds of hours of hard work, that Kris discovered that this task had been nothing more than just unnecessary busy work, assigned to him by his father, just so Kris could feel like he was contributing. It turns out he didn’t even live on a dairy farm, and all that time he had been whispering words of encouragement to large black and white spotted dogs.

Feeling disillusioned, Kris got out of the dairy industry he was never actually apart of, and decided to put the communication skills he had honed whispering to large dogs to better use. With a new found direction, Kris went to work squeezing his way into the radio industry, and the rest they say, is history.

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