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Genius or Ridiculous? Fed up Mum of Four Installs Home Vending Machine


Covid 19 has certainly created a lot of problems that require creative solutions. One mother of 4 has just revealed the novel way she curbed household snacking and we can’t decide if it’s genius or ridiculous.

The UK mother named Sarah was worried about the amount of unhealthy snacking her children were doing while schooling from home. She said while distance-learning was going surprisingly smooth, one issue was her children wouldn’t stop hassling her for snacks. Sarah would encourage them to eat healthy options like fruit and rice cakes between meals, however their treat requests were still relentless.

So Sarah decided to buy a vending machine. She found one on Facebook Marketplace for about $185, installed it at home and filled it with all the family’s favourite snacks. Then if the children wanted a snack they had to do jobs around the house to earn money to buy it from the vending machine.

This not only reduced snacking, it’s been teaching them the value of money, how to save, budgeting and the biggest win – they’ve been actively seeking out and completing chores around the house.

In fact, the only obvious drawback is having a giant vending machine in your living room... unless of course you don’t mind your place looking like an airport departure lounge then it’s win WIN!

Picture Source: Power FM