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Top 10 Christmas Gifts

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If you’re scratching your head wondering what to get that friend who has everything, or that partner who says “don’t get me anything, your presence is enough” (I know, annoying right?), fear not - the Reddit community has come to the rescue.

Jules and Kris shared the top 10 list of last minute Christmas gift ideas on Power Brekky this morning:

1. Tickets 

Give them the gift of an experience

2. Second-hand books 

First, it’s thrifty. Second, if you’ve read the book and can recommend it, it makes the gift feel more personal.

3. Homemade mix tapes

In this era of Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Unlimited and any number of other streaming platforms, this one may feel a little dated... but it’s the thought that counts.

4. Home-baked cookies

If you have the ability to home bake delicious treats - you know who would love those treats? Those who can’t.

5. Custom-made coasters 

It’s creative, sentimental and not too costly.

6. Vouchers

While vouchers seem lazy, many Reddit users agreed that they love receiving vouchers.

7. Photo magnets

Similar to making coasters, photo magnets are sentimental and cheap.

8. Fancy hot chocolate

Hot chocolate is great and all, but fancy hot chocolate is life-changing.

9. Socks

It may seem like a dud gift, but trendy socks are all the rage right now and you can never have too many.

10. Homemade Santa sacks

It’s another gift that allows you to express your creativity and you can fill them with whatever you like... lollies, M&Ms, dollar coins, Gravox Gravy Liquid Best Ever Chip Gravy 165g – the options are endless!

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels