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Study: Wrapping Gifts Poorly Makes the Gift Seem Way Better

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Other than obvious time saving benefits and never having to wrap gifts on behalf of other people, being a terrible gift-wrapper comes with another HUGE advantage.

According to new research, the more you suck as wrapping presents, the happier your gift recipient will be. The study by the University of Nevada found that when you do a rubbish job of wrapping a gift for a loved one, it lowers their expectations. So when the recipient removes the shoddy wrapping, they’re pleasantly surprised to discover the gift isn’t complete garbage, making the gift seem better. A nicely wrapped gift had the opposite effect. Nice wrapping raised expectations making it harder for the gift to live up to the hype created by all that shiny paper.

Don’t use the shoddy wrapping trick on everyone, however. According to the same study, if the person you’re wrapping the gift for is an acquaintance rather than a close friend, bad wrapping will have an adverse effect and make them think you don’t value the relationship.

Jules and Kris discovered on Power Brekky that Kris has been using this trick inadvertently for years: