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5 Devilishly Delicious Halloween "Treats"

Because you can't say "trick or treat" and expect not to be tricked, we've compiled 5 Devilishly Delicious Halloween "treat" ideas to hand out this Halloween.
1. Brussels Sprouts Coated in Chocolate
Everyone's favourite vegetable lovingly coated in creamy milk chocolate - there's a glass and a half of fun in every mouthful.
2. Sugared Almonds Dragees Sweets Candy 646180
If your trick or treaters dig the taste of plasterboard encased in a tough, teeth-shattering exterior, then they'll love sugared almonds.
3. Grapes in Roses Wrappers
Half the fun of individually wrapped chocolate is discovering what's inside... just imagine their delight when trick or treaters find a healthy and nutritious grape!
4. Dried Kidney Beans

Reniform kidney bean seeds

It's fun bean shaped confectionery, but without all that nasty sugar. Your trick or treaters will be saying "Jelly Bean who"?
5. Carob
One of the greatest imposters of all time. It looks like chocolate. It smells (kind of) like chocolate. Heck, some people will even tell you it is chocolate. But if you're expecting real chocolate when you take that first bite, boy are you in for a fun surprise!