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The French Olympic Games logo is getting people all steamy

France just dropped their logo for the 2024 Olympic Games and the internet is getting all hot under the collar over “Marianne”.

The logo features the Olympic rings (of course), the words “Paris 2024” in a very retro art deco style font, and a flame representing the Olympic torch. What is interesting about the flame, however, is the lips – added to create the outline of a woman’s face rocking a bob hairdo.

This woman represents “Marianne”, who is the personification of the French Republic since the revolution in 1789.

The Twitter responses in relation to Marianne have been hilarious. One journo created a whole narrative for the two-dimensional shape:

USA Today’s Nate Scott wrote “this logo will stub out a cigarette on the sidewalk in front of you, give you a coy smile, and haunt you forever.”

The 2024 Games will be held in Paris, but before we get too far ahead of ourselves, Tokyo will take centre stage next year for the 2020 Olympic Games.